Julia Amerongen Maddison (JAM)
PhD Student at the University of Victoria

things i've made:

1. artscience+ projects:
   draw my PhD video (nov 2016): made with past labmate Camille Defrenne about her PhD. Cam: writing, directing, audio. JAM: drawing, script editing.
   ecosystem mobile prototype (nov 2015): takes you to the multi-artist exhibit event page. I'm the one in the blue plaid, interview at 6:40.
   trepaneleven t-shirt design (summer 2015): for my dad's hands-on insect-collecting class.
   graphic novel style science poster (nov 2014): made with photoshop + a track pad. warning: Big file! takes time to load.
   port and roses (2012): a retroactively-approved vandalistic wire-people play, made with my dad. the restaurant didn't know who was doing it.... but later said they were quite pleased with it (they hope for a sequel - we'll see!). should note that we were regulars at this restaurant. more details in the link.
   wire trees (ongoing): takes you to my flickr.

2. academic work:
   cultural evolution (project 2011-2012, paper 2013)
   marine ecology (project 2011, paper 2013)
   science education (project 2015-2016, paper 2018)
   mycorrhizae (see graphic novel poster)

3. shroomroot, a mycorrhizal computer game (2014-5):   shroomroot
note 1: game made in collaboration with Chris Adderley and Alex Catamo of Area Denial Games.
They are both doing work outside Area Denial Games at the moment but their twitter is here.
note 2: game is unity-based, doesn't work in chrome

4. a very tiny incremental game (feb 2016): sporenet
one day i will build this up to be a real game and not just a prototype, but for now it's an exploration of how one might start to build a mushroom-oriented game patterned off the brilliant candybox and kittengame incrementals. feel free to steal this idea.

kid jam
my dad and me. his website is here.
kid jam2
my mum and me.

Other details:
B.Sc. - Integrated Sciences, UBC Vancouver
M.Sc. - Forestry, UBC Vancouver
currently a PhD student in Environmental Studies, UVic
email: jamerongenmaddison (at) uvic (dot) ca
cv available upon request